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I'm living in a city apartment and it's all mine! (On a renting basis at least). It's like an episode of Friends, only y'know...minus the other 5 people.

Anyway I'm all set up, on the hunt for jobs and such as I do HAVE the skills to pay the bills, only I need employers to know that.

Hitting up the artwork slowly but surely as I adjust to my new place, nearly finished my horror picture run now then onto more cartooney stuff again I imagine. I'm going to try and start churning out stuff faster, but those are just my best intentions, and we all know how Jules Winfield feels about "best intentions".

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Well after finally finishing my Alice in Wonderland picture I feel like my creative well has run a little dry, I have lots've ideas of what I want to do next but no real drive to start any of them, though due to how happy I am with how my last picture turned out i'm thinking of doing a Wizard of Oz one now too.

My portfolio is building up nicely, I think at the start of next year i'll start knuckling down to get a website of my own up and running, I've got lots've design ideas for possible themes and such, it's just a matter of bringing it to fruition and getting the approval of my OCD.

Trying to juggle a full time job whilst finding time to go to the gym and still have the enrgy to draw is tiring and no fun.

Though I do have a real craving to draw a Silent Hill picture...
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I'm not dead I promise! And for those who hoped I was, glad to be a dissapointment :)
So yeah, been a while but i'm back, I have been keeping up with my art but it's mostly been pencil work, juggling my job and going to the gym left me little time to actually finish anything worthy to put up on here, but thankfully now I have a set working pattern and the gym is a little less frequent, allowing time for more creative pursuits. Also helps that I got a new desktop computer specifically for photoshop work, leaving my laptop with a bit more free space to just go on the internet.
But anyway, yeah, a steady stream of work will start to show up on here in the next few months so look out for 'em.
Might start doing movie reviews on these journals again too as I make it a habit to go see films at least once a week now... just a thought
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My apologies for my absence of late on here, lotsa personal things happening at the moment; friends dying, relationships ending, depression following... Hopefully I'll be as good as new soon enough, started a new job as a data input executive for a travel agency firm so I'm finally no longer classed as unemployed. Anyway gonna keep this message pretty short, my creative juices are just on momentary hold while I adapt to the obstacle course life has presented me with, until then, das vidanya!
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I seem to only REALLY update this when I feel the previous one has become stagnant...
I don't have a lot to update on really, erm... I'm doing a lot more colouring these days, that means more finished pieces and less pencil drawings scattered around never to be completed. Just when I think I'm catching up with all the drawings I want to complete several more ideas enter my head, obscuring the finish line - this I'm told is a good thing! My metaphorical well does not seem to dry up!

I finally managed to buy the Battle Chasers hardback, and I must say it is my most treasured book ever, Joe Madureira is a god of art, simple as that.

The new Alice: Madness Returns release date is in sight, I'd better cram as much drawing in before then as I can before gaming takes up all my time. I've actually done a big A2 homage to the release of the game, it just needs scanning and colouring. I was pretty bummed out that it happened that Spicy Horse and American McGee were holding a competition for best fanart for the release of the game with the winner receiving an art book, signed, and with a limited edition lithograph - only in North America.............
'...shit' was my precise thought.
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So You do think of death sometimes, You don't necessarily want things to end, but You understand
those that might
Sometimes things get to a boil, there's a perfect moment in time, just the right catalysts;
a song, a sound, a situation
You hear yourself questioning whether or not things can (possibly) get better,
Wondering of improvement as the concentrated sense of unfamiliar emotion erupts within You after
what feels like a lifetime of apathy
The moments You cannot or will not take back skip on a stale stereo from an old record shop You hated
going to in the first place
Shake and shiver all You want to feel the ever so slight ripples and reverberations of a
preordained destiny
Looking out into the sea or away from it? The severity of the water matters.
Make a molehill out of a mountain. Mountains and molehills, persons and personification.
Something about self improvement as opposed to vanity. Both if that suits You
You want to leave your mark, but it's a matter of finding an adequate stamp for Your frail grip
You want nothing but the best, but failing that; the worst
You want that time with that person with the thing that happened that time
You want more of those moments back and be able to then throw them away at Your own leisure
You want to jaunt
You want to laugh in the face of laughter but can't think of any good reason why
You want to stop wanting.
Consequently - consequence becomes more of the matter at hand
The inconveniance of it all just seems so... inconveniant
rams and ramifications
Something to dig Your teeth into. Simple Thought for simply food
And as quickly as it came, it's gone
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Ok, so my deviantart has been pretty stagnant lately, I'm putting it down mostly to extended jetlag and catching up with people now I'm back from Canada - plus It's christmas and new year know... aparently I have to socialise and stuff otherwise I'll have children throwing stones at my house calling me crazy art hermit.
So after new year I'm gonna be working on some ideas again, still got a few drawings in the works as we speak, they just haven't been worked on much lately. But just a reassurance to you 3 people who read my journal entries that I am alive, well and still drawing.
On that note, have a Happy New Year everybody!
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So my Canadadventure is over. Sadness all around. Back in the UK for an indefinite amount of time now it seems until I can find a way of getting back on a permanent basis. Stupid immigration laws.

But on the bright side it's Christmas and guess I'll be around my folks for the holidays rather than sat at an art desk scribbling away on my lonesome while all my other friends have festivities with their families. Which I guess isn't great news for you all as I basically just told you I'm not drawing, it's not true: Still drawing away, got a bunch of pictures going on at the moment. Just gotta wait a bit for my jet lag to subside and my laptop to be fixed from filthy viruses... too much porn I guess.

So yeah, moment of rest as far as drawings go, just wanted to assure people I'm not dead and that I'm still drawing.
And everyon make sure they have a merry Christmas too, 'tis the season!
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Man, I'm feeling way too lethargic to be writing my new journal entry. Proven all the more because that one line has been the only thing I've written for the last 30 minutes.

But what the hell, I mean even my bored thoughts are thoughts.

So yeah, I've had very little to do lately, not having a job affords me the time to just sit here and do little to nothing. I feel like a man on the verge of vegatative state, then I realise I just need to play some games to stimulate my mind and give me a jolt of inspiration.
With that said, I've lately been playing a game called "Braid", which for you people with Xbox 360's can download on the gaming marketplace for a reasonable amount of points. And what a game it is. SO inspirational in both storyline, emotion, and gameplay. The music alone is worth the buy... ok maybe not ALONE. But yeah... it really made me think outside of the box and shifted my tunnel-visioned idea of current gaming fed to me by the hundreds of games churned out where you kill things and are rewarded at the end.
Is gaming, art? Well is 'Art' art these days? It's all such a matter of personal perspective and preference and yadda yadda... the game rocks, thats all you need to know.

I'm working on a new Deviant I.D and another computer game homage which will hopefully be done, well, when I feel like it really. The beauty of no pressure.

Went to see the film "Easy A", I didn't wanna write a whole review for it like my Nightmare on Elm Street thing, but long story short, it was entertaining, had it's funny moments, and makes itself very clear that it's a modern day homage to John Hughes movies, it's certainly no "Sixteen Candles" but it's sure as hell a lot better than "Flubber"
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Ohhhhh backgrounds...

I've been working at this one background it seems like forever... in reality it's probably only been a couple of nights but Jesus they make me feel lethargic.

However, this interlude does allow me to thank everyone for all the recent Deviantwatches! I think mostly because I finally found out about DeviantArt Groups and realised that there's people out there who like the same things I do, and therefore spend as much time away from the real world making fanart as myself. So thank you all for the support!

Oh and I'm really excited about American McGee's sequel to his masterpiece Alice, I've been waiting in limbo for some news as to what was going on with all that noise about a film and Sarah Michelle Gellar and all that craziness... teasing my fragile mind. And then Tim Burtons adaptation; a visual orgasm, however like an orgasm, it feels good for a few moments, then you're just disappointed, slightly embarassed with a touch of vulnerability to follow.
So...McGee...make me a believer again.

Oh yeah and I'll probably do a fanart piece for it too - predictable or what? But what isn't predictable? - My deadline
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So I took a right at Crateria like the floating eyeball thing told me, dropped down this hole that went forever, landed in some pretty nasty smelling shit in Brinstar depths; totally ruining my sandles. Had to listen to a huge, obese lizard about his role in life. So I backtracked a bit, tripped over some vines, fell down another hole, ended up in Norfair where, after seeing the lakes of lava, I should've known better than to stop and take a leak. So a few blast doors and one unreasonable pterodactyl later and I'm getting rushed out of there faster than a Dachora in heat, something about a self-destruct sequence...

Needless to say I am never going on a British Airways holiday package again.

So hey! I'm finally catching up with my artwork, which gives me an overall feeling of "huh..." but that'll do for now. I've got a few more computer game homages to get colouring and there's still a couple of comic one's I have planned too but they can wait. What I wanna focus on a little after said images is poster art a bit more. Maybe play around with the whole Communist propaganda style. I have my own character design stuff in the works too, but I'll stick that up after everything else when it's all a bit more fine tuned.
  • Watching: A Nightmare on Elm Street

So this is my first ever movie critique that I've taken from my head and put onto anything other than a notepad, and I felt it fitting seeing as it's a critique on a re-imagining of one of the first ever horror movies from my childhood, and it's a damn good one at that (The movie, not my, I jest, my momma loves me)

So anyway, going in to see this movie brought up a lot of flashbacks of the surge of horror movie remakes in the past decade - The predictability of Friday the 13th... the repetitiveness of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... and, frankly, the less said about Amityville Horror the better. It seems remakes really are just a cash in of old movies and slapped with a new, glossy sheen in the form of teenage heartthrob actors, and computer generated special effects. And in that sense, believe me, A Nightmare on Elm Street does not dissapoint.

To start, lets look at the plot: A group of Teens living in the fictional town of Springwood are being tormented and killed in their sleep by a man with knives for fingers who has some link to the towns dark past. So nothing has changed in terms of storyline, it's only been tweaked a little to shine more of a light on Freddy Krueger's past and how it links with the kids, which actually, I quite liked. One thing I do want to point out is that in remakes, I do tend to like the fleshed-out backstories in contrast to the less-is-more of the originals, simply because it can work as a stand alone movie without the need for further sequels to explain things, and when it's done successfully, it can really immerse you in the mythos of the character.

The atmosphere of the film was very bland, I didn't find many moments where I was cowering in my seat or chewing the sides of my mouth in anticipation, in fact it all felt a little rushed, things happening very quickly and very half-heartedly. The revelation of seeing Freddy for the first time killing his first victim was, for lack of a better word, a nightmare. 15 minutes into the film and already I've seen what the killer looks like in a well-lit environment. What happened to a build up? Sure we all know from the trailers and previous films what he's supposed to look like, but why be so blatant about it? I remember thinking back to Nightmare on Elm Street 2, and remembering that through the entire film there is no clear, well-lit shot of Freddy where you see in detail what he looks like which added to how scary he already was. I guess subtlety was not an option here. It was like watching a puppy being liberated from his leash for the first time, bounding around, tongue wagging wildly and causing as much noise and anarchy as possible.

Now we move onto Freddy; as a character, he's changed quite considerably. He's not as animated as the original Robert Englund which, after Nightmare on Elm Street 2, became more comedic as time went on. This time around he looks like an actual burn victim, with scarring and disfigurement to match, so his movements seem more clunky and a lot less agile. That's not to say you seem him moving a lot, as he always just appears behind people 90% of the time. And this happens a lot. It seemed that every 10 minutes or so, Freddy would show up accompanied with a loud shrill noise to wake up the braindead half of the audience who didn't come to see this movie for a plot line. You really get into the routine of it all after a while, by the fifth jump you've given up hope of any idea of the film building suspense and you're just praying the girl screaming behind you gets blinded by a rogue popcorn kernel.

Freddy's tactics are noticeably a little weak and boring; but what do you expect from a guy who's only repetoire is a glove with knives? Oh wait a second, and he can CONTROL YOUR DREAMS! So the sky is this killers limit. In the original series Freddy almost devoured someone as a giant worm, crushed a girl who turned into a cockroach, and turned someones muscles into puppet strings. So why the lack of imagination? Well maybe they were taking a more realistic, dark tone than the preceding series, fair enough. But then why does everyone just get killed with a slash on the chest or a knives-through-stomach action? What used to scare me about Freddy was his inventiveness, even Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake killed someone with a chainsaw to the groin. This lack of imagination just became predictable and really dissapointing. If you are going to come out of the wall and turn the floor into liquid, then be a little bit creative with those knives please.

Robert Englund's Freddy was well known for his sadistic witticisms and menacing humour, and Jackie Earle Hayley's version actually had some good lines, though by the end I felt he said a little bit too much. It took Freddy several movies to jump from one-liners to full blown conversations, and get away with keeping his character scary, but there were too many shots of Hayley just talking, which stripped away too much of the fear factor. However, Hayley's Freddy did have some qualities that Englund's didn't. Small things can say a lot, like Hayley's hand twitch as he quickly motioned his fingers making the blades on his glove scrape past one another was brilliant. It said to me that he is a serial killer with real, human quirks that you'd expect a serial killer to have.

As for the rest of the cast, I wont say too much as there isn't much to say, yet again another set of characters you just don't empathise with enough to see survive. The acting was completely ham-handed and dialogue was droll. Once the kids start dying and the parents are confronted about their past with Freddy, you would think some of the parents would shoulder some genuine guilt, remorse or at least some sadness and try to aid their children, but their apathy towards the situation make it seem like they could have easily replaced some of the actors with sleeping animals and the audience would be none the wiser.

I felt I spent far too much of my time looking for redeeming qualities for this film and coming back with my hands empty, mostly due to my love for the originals.
In summary, I feel in order for someone to enjoy this film, take everything you know and loved about the originals, set it on fire, and hope it doesn't come back to haunt your kids when the sequel comes out.
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Well, things are going well!
I've finally gotten back into the habit of keeping a sufficient flow of artwork pouring into my DeviantArt. I'm planning on adding some computer game character fanart to that sub-section of my gallery, seeing as all I've been doing lately is comic homage's lately.
I still have a load of other images planned to add here, still really backed up with stuff, though I think I'm settling into the idea of thats just how I roll. No drying of the inspiration well for me.
So I just wanna confirm for everyone out there (and myself) that I do actually DO my own work also, like side projects and computer game ideas e.t.c... basically things that aren't fanart. I just dont tend to put them up here, or at least I'm not yet... turns out you get a lot more views from a scrap, crumpled up picture of pikachu rolling a katamari than you do for something you've spent a while on of your own creation. So I'm building a fanbase first... *SELLOUT ALERT*

*I am no longer taking requests for 'Pikachu rolling a katamari' images*
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For the loooooooove of the almiiiiighty! (My apologies, Alanis) enough is enough, I'm tired of waiting for my stupid wireless mouse memory stick to get sent to me from the UK in order to start colouring my pencil pieces again... I'm already backed up like crazy!
So as of tomorrow I'm going to go buy a new wireless mouse. See how dedicated I am to my audience? But colouring skills are falling into a negligible, rotting mass as we speak. There's so much I want to add to this site.
On the plus side I've amassed a number of drawings I can't wait to add, mostly to my Comic fanart section, especially for those of you who prefer the villains like I do.
It's nice at least that my well of inspiration hasn't gone down the toilet while my colouring hand has been out of action... there's nothing quite like shooting zombies in Resident Evil 5 whilst listening to Prodigy's Voodoo people to get the inspiration flowing.
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Ok ok so I've gone all silent on here with no updates, no new images and I'm falling into that old habit of completely neglecting my DeviantArt page.
BUT for all you people out there wagging your tongues in anticipation for some more work (thank you...all 6 of you) be prepared for some major workage coming soon.

I've just recently managed to renew my visa and get back to Vancouver, looking for somewhere to live and a job, so unfortunately my art has taken a bit of a back seat.

So eyes open.
On a side note I was thinking about turning my Journal Entries into film critiques, I used to have like a note book that I'd write about films and what I thought of them and such and give them an overall mark, this was mostly just restricted to horror movies. So yeah, I might bring something like that onto here, so watch your ass Roger Ebert cos I'm gunning for your job buddy!

Speaking of movies - went to see a film just the other night, I have such a bone to pick with anyone who likes to incessantly talk, laugh or eat loud in a cinema. And when I say a bone to pick, I mean a shard of glass to stab into their inconsiderate souls.
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So, my first few DeviantART days have been pleasant, thanks to everyone for their views, favourites and watches. It seems that whenever I add a new 'deviation' to my gallery, I pause for a good few minutes on the part where I have to say things about my work. Now I'm really not one of those people who likes to go in depth on the mood, the textures, or even the time it took and what materials I used on said piece.
I much prefer to just talk jargon about the why's than the how's... I guess I apologise to those people who actually wonder about how I do my thing than what the hell combination of foods I ate in order to make me want to draw a picture of Teddy Ruxpin (never gonna happen).

Onto my actual life -
Things are boring, and it's all down to this bloody snow. Shops are closed, public transport is a nightmare (more so than usual) and Royal Mail are at a halt... Welcome people, to the great Salt and Grit crisis of 2010.
However, this is giving me a lot of time to draw, so soon I'll have finished putting up all my old stuff, and then a steady stream of new images will be up and about for everyone to judge. And on that note, back to the metaphorical drawing board!
  • Listening to: KMFDM - Looking For Strange we are again, a new year, a new Deviantart profile. I tried one of these a loooooong time ago but was pretty neglective of it way back then...
So I'm starting off by adding all the illustrations I've done in the last 2 years that I find worthy of being in my gallery. In no particular order other than what looks good together. With that said, these journal entries won't crop about too regularly, but keep an eye open and thanks again for taking the time to give this profile a view!